Beyond the Desktop: Designing an “ideal” wearable.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

“Beyond the Desktop” is one of the courses I’m taking this semester. The course ” investigates design alternatives to traditional graphical user interfaces.” (from the course description at TISS).

The first assignment consists of (1) researching five existing wearables, and assessing them on a four-dimensional scale referring to a definition of “ideal” wearables and (2) designing your own wearable, including tagline/slogan, a catchy name, some sketches and even a paper prototype, which in the end should be assessed on the scale, too.

So I created the tHUD – the Tutoring Heads-Up Display. You can find information on how it came to be, and some pictures here (Content Note: sales lingo for Black Mirror worthy tech). It is of course not a serious prototype or idea. Rather, I wanted to move the focus on how intrusive some courses are regarding their online (exam) modes.