Spontanous Picknick

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Some days ago, there was a post on the CS Vienna Group by a friend of mine. It said “Spontanous Picknick tonight at Burggarten?” and had everything in it: fun people, food, drinks, and a nice place to sit and relax. The time was set for 8 pm, so it would not be that hot anymore, and some people immediately said they would join.

When George and I were leaving, the initiator of the picknick wrote another message: She’d come a bit later, 8.30 pm plusminus 10 minutes. That was okay with us, we had had dinner already, and only came for the drinks and the people. So we went there, and met some of the others, and had a nice chat, and had some ice cream, and apricots, and beers. The time went by, and suddenly it was after 9 pm already. Maria was still not there. But of course she did make it there – just in time, as we were starting to pack our stuff! We decided to go to another spot, with more light, and a better view, picked some people up on the way and then had a great picknick. Maria had caught a cooking fever – she had done a lense salad, tsatsiki, bread, another sauce, and she brought water melon. To our amazement, plates, forks and spoons were also provided. It was great!