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At Vienna Calling 2009, I met Kwentin. At Vienna Calling 2010, he introduced me to Werner. One day, at a dinner most likely, Werner introduced me and Georg to Susi. And Susi introduced us to Frida and, later, to Björk. They are her cats.

Susi often has to go abroad for her job, as she’s working with IKEA. During those days, she of course needs somebody to take care of the girls. That’s where Georg and I come in. Once, when Werner didn’t have time to look after the cats, Susi needed an alternative, and I just LOVE cats, so I offered to do the job. Werner obviously left a good reference, and there was no further discussion. After a short training on the job, Georg and I became regulars at Susi’s place.

And I still love it. From time to time, we take care of two lovely cats and we’re even allowed to stay at Susi’s place, which is a really nice flat with a good kitchen and a biiiig TV (we usually don’t have a TV). Apart from living in a luxury (and not-shared) flat, there’s of course the funny things you experience when having cats. Cats playing, for example. Or cats fighting. Or cats staring at something, like the street, or water in a bowl, or the TV, or yourself.

Did I mention I love cats?

Oh, and THIS just nails it.