My “old” Dad

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My parents are quiet young, I know that. Me being nearly 25 and my brother turning 28 in August, our parents are supposed to be 55 or something, compared with friend’s parents. But they aren’t. Actually, my Dad only turned 50 around two weeks ago.

Having an “even” birthday is always something special. Being one of the executive committee members of the largest skiing club of the area, makes it really funny. In this case, my Dad received several poems, lots of nice parcels, and a song. Yep, the other members of the committee did rewrite a song (“Komm hol das Lasso raus”) so it would fit the occasion 🙂

Other nice things happening that weekend:
– several aunts and uncles coming to visit (some from Switzerland, some from other parts of Austria)
– meeting lots of my parents’ friends
– having lots of laughs because of those awesome poems they wrote
– a huge party, including food, drinks, songs, dances and comic mishaps (e.g. mistaking my Dad’s aunt for his mother)

Also, my Dad did hear one thing quiet often during the party and the rest of the weekend: “Take more time for yourself!”. He’s working hard, has always done so, and somehow he doesn’t seem able not to work. 2 weeks off, that’s already too much for him. But we’re trying to get him to calm down and sit back more often. Lots of the presents included hotel vouchers, e.g. in Styria and Vorarlberg, but also vouchers for mountain pass roads so he could go on motor cycle tours more often. Now he has the means, he’s only missing the time. Let’s hope he starts taking time.