The Transporter

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Last Wednesday, I had an unanswered call from a swiss number on my phone. Usually I’d just wait for the person to call again, but I was in a good mood, so I called back.

A girl answered the phone, saying she and her boyfriend had to go to Vienna, bringing goods to the University. The goods had to be brought there by him, by car, on dry ice. It sounded strange in the beginning.

But it turned out, that the girl, Nina, is the room mate of a good CS friend of mine. Her boyfriend had to bring some samples from Bern to Vienna for his dissertation, and Nina wanted to come with him as they both had never been to Vienna before. And so far they had not found a host, though posting onto the Last Minute Couch Search Group.

After checking Nina’s profile, of course, I agreed on hosting them. And it was a good decision 🙂 We did not spend too much time together, as I was working, and Donauinselfest was going on, and Nina and Claude had plans of their own considering sightseeing. But still, it was a nice weekend with friends. Just the way I like!