Organising my term

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Some people say I am an incredibly well-organised person. That’s mostly the case because if I don’t write down all kinds of things, I’ll straight-up forget them. So, lists are an import thing in my life.

Having all my deadlines for the semester written down also helps me to better spread work over the weeks and months. Of course, the  Plan does tend to change, so here are the original, and the latest version of my semester plan:

A hand-written list of deadlines for 2 courses, the dates are color coded in pink and green. Same list as before. Some items have been checked, some have been moved, comments have been added.

The courses I am taking this semester are Human Robot Interaction (HRI), and Design Thinking (DeTh). For each course, there is roughly one deadline every week, but as the assignments are not always the same (as opposed to, e.g. in a maths course where you have to complete one exercise sheet per week), it is dearly necessary I write down what the deadlines are, exactly. Doing it in this kinda fancy way makes it better still, because the list is nice to look at – even with all the additions I made due to changes in deadlines or to keep an overview over where I put notes corresponding to deadlines.