Holidays, the end

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Sunday Morning … nothing special happened on Sunday, I’d say. We just packed our stuff, cleaned up, and then left.

Well, Fabian and Lisa left first, when Josef and Stefan went to bring some things back to Beate. The swiss couple was determined to hitchhike to Brunico the same day, and they managed to arrive there within 5 hrs – including traffic jams all the way to Innsbruck.

So while Lisa and Fabian were hitching along, Josef, Stefan, Georg and I went on our roadtrip back to Vienna. We were in no hurry, so we took several breaks to have coffee and food and to change the driver (Josef and Stefan took turns). We arrived in Vienna around 8 pm, and Georg and I were dropped off first. The rest of the evening was reading, watching TV and then going to bed pretty early.

I still had two days off, Monday and Tuesday, but had an appointment on Monday morning, so I had to be well rested. After my appointment, we did not quiet know what to do, so we decided to go to St. Pölten, the capital city of Lower Austria. By train, it’s 40 minutes from Vienna. And what did we do there? Geocaching, of course! We were not too successfull – once again, we tried doing a multi cache, but failed miserably.

The next day was better. We decided to go the opposite direction and ended up in Deutsch Wagram, a small town in the northeast of Vienna. There is pretty much nothing to see or do there (I see no point in living there, either), but there are some nices geocaches to find. Still, after 3 hours, we were done and took the next train back to the city.Tuesday evening was business as usual: Pub Quiz @ Café Benno on Alserstrasse/Bennogasse.