Graz + Carinthia

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We’re on the road all the time – at least that’s how it seems now that I’m thinking about it.

After working 3 days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), we went to Graz on Friday afternoon to join our friends at the Graz monthly meeting. It was great to see how happy they were to have us there!

Also, it was great to see how the Couchsurfing Network of Trust works time and time again. We sat down beside Markus and his girlfriend Kim and startetd to chat a bit, and then mentioned that we came here without having a couch. “Oh, really? Well, there’s this spare room in my flat. And I have a couch we can put there. If you want, that means.” – and so Markus and Kim were our hosts for the night! After dinner, we went to a bar, where Georg was not allowed to enter because he was carrying our backpack, so we had to go to Markus’ place first to leave our stuff there. We even got a key to the flat then!

After Nightexpress, the whole group was pressing on to a bar we had already visited last time – Club Q. Georg and I did not feel like Q that night, so we said goodbye to the others and left for bed. Of course, Georg did navigate there without a problem, but then we were not sure if we were at the right entrance. As no key fit the lock, it soon was obvious 😉

The next day, we met for a – little lat – breakfast near Jakominiplatz. The plan for the rest of the weekend was to go to Klagenfurt by InterCity Bus (yes, there’s a bus connection operated by the Austrian Railways!) and discover the city. We did not find a host – better: we did not bother with looking for one – so we called a friend, Andi. We knew he used to live in the surrounding of Klagenfurt, and we knew he was visiting his parents, so we figured he might have a couch for us. Even better: he had a whole room with a great bed we could use. His parents’ place is located about 30 minutes by car out of the city – but this proved to be just about perfect. After being busy meeting others and spending time in the city, this short farm holiday, all complete with cows, dogs, cats, and the boys playing at bows and arrows was just what we needed to take a break.

Thanks again to everybody for this great weekend 🙂