Holidays, Part 3

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On Saturday, we met for breakfast with some other Couchsurfers (Beate + Matthias) at a Supermarkt/Café in town. After having some delicious breakfast, we did the shopping for the BBQ that was planned for the night. Incredible amounts of meat, potatoes and beer were bought and brought to my place.

Afterwards, we went to Füssen, a small town in Bavaria – but we did not really visit the town itself, but two buildings not far from it. Pretty much everybody knows them: It’s the Königsschlösser, the castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.

The entrance fee for the castles is pretty expensive, and Neuschwanstein was not finished after King Ludwig II’s death, so there is not too much to see on the inside. So what we did was to walk up to Neuschwanstein, go to Marienbrücke (THE spot to take pictures of the castle!) and then on to Hohenschwangau, where descendants of King Ludwig’s family still reside.

After a short break and snack, we did a bit of an unplanned detour through another big park nearby, and then drove back home, picking up some prepared things fpr the BBQ at Beate’s place. Back home, we first decided to have another break (some even took a nap 😉 ), and afterwards started the preparations for the BBQ. The boys were transporting everything to the fire place and got the fire running, while Lisa and I were working on salad and the like. The classic role model, and it worked very well!

And this is what we had for our BBQ:
spiced potatoes, by Beate. delicious!
green salad with tomatoes, sausages, Speck, meat-on-a-spit, and beef … the beef was high quality, and we cooked it properly: only some minutes, still raw on the inside, and without any fancy spices. Only a little salt, a little pepper – and that was it. Perfect! After this feast, we still had some marshmallows, and spent some more hours at the fire. Lisa went home around 1, I went to bed at 2, and the rest of the gang left around 4 in the morning.