Holidays, Part 2

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On Friday, we were planning to go to the Medieval Festival at my home town. Since 2003, it took place every year on the last weekend in July. Since 2003, I attended the festival 6 times (out of 8!). 4 times, I was there all 3 days, sometimes even the night before and/or after.

I think you can imagine the things I got told when I arrived there, around noon, with “tourists”, and not wearing my “Gewandung” (medieval costume). Mainly, people said “What are YOU wearing?”, or “What is it with you? You used to stay here the whole weekend!”.

Well, anyways, it was great, as always! The weather was not that great, also as always 😉

Before and after watching the tourney – our spots were not the best, unfortunately – we spent some time at the camp and the market, and met some other Couchsurfers who live in the area. Just before the battle was scheduled, I got a message from Fabian and Lisa, saying they had finally arrived and were waiting for me at the entrance. So I went there, picked them up – and nearly could not return back, as I did not have a stamp saying I had already paid the entrance! Lucky me, the security company is the same since the very beginning, and some of them know me ever since. So when one of the guys I know showed up, I explained the problem – and got back in without a problem 🙂

After watching the battle, we got ourselves some food and mead (of course!) and settled down in one of the taverns. Later on, we watched the concert and the fireshow, and around half midnight, we took our stuff and went back home. Being pretty tired, I went to bed immediately, while the others helped themselves to some beers and spent another hour in the garden.