More holidays!

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It was a last-minute decision, and we had to re-plan it twice, but for the next 5 days, Georg and I are going on a trip to the great city of PRAGUE (if we find a couch there)!

First, we wanted to go to Madrid, taking about 10 days including hitchhiking there and back, but my boss would not give me another 4 days off. Anyways, she agreed to give me 2 days, and Georg and I agreed to go to Rome instead of Madrid, as it is not that far to go. As we were not able to find a couch or not too expensive hostel there, we started looking for another city, and decided to try Prague.

At the moment, we’re still looking for a couch – so if anybody can recommend us (to somebody), we’d be very grateful!

And that’s the plan:
Get up pretty early on Saturday.
Go to B7 Brünner Bundesstraße, and hitchhike to Prague.
Arrive in the late afternoon/early evening.
Have a grat weekend in Prague!