July will be exciting.

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A short forecast onto the next days and weeks …

On Friday, the keeper of the inn where CS Vienna has its weekly meeting, has his birthday. We’re all invited to come and party with him – it’s going to be great!

Next week, I’m turning 25 (old? young? decide for yourself). My birthday is on Saturday, and the plans for the whole weekend are the following:
Friday, 15th – party. Don’t know yet where, or what, but we’ll see.
Saturday, 16th – it’s a macabre thing, but hey. Otto Habsburg’s burial is taking place Saturday afternoon, so I’ll be there. How often do you have the possibility of watching a Habsburg funeral nowadays?
Sunday, 17th – a brunch at Georg’s place, as his flat mate is not here at the moment. His flat is not bigger, but nicer than mine 😉

One week later, as of 22nd, I’ll have about one week off. This means:
Friday, 22nd in the evening, or Saturday 23rd sometime – leaving for Upper Austria, paying a visit to Georg’s family.
One, two, maybe three days later – leaving for Tyrol, to go to my place.
Thusday, 28th to Sunday, 31st – Couchsurfing at my place. There’s a huge medieval festival taking place at my hometown, and I made a plan for some friends to come by. We’ll be attending the festival, going to the Neuschwanstein Castles, maybe go for a hike, and of course have BBQs and some beers.

I’ll be back in Vienna on August 2nd, have to work again on 3rd.

Sounds like a plan.