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Trisha, who spent 2 years in Vienna, became a good friend just before she was leaving for the U.S. again. At some point at the beginning of this year, she contacted me, asking if I could help one of her students planning his trip through Germany and Austria. She’s a German Teacher, by the way, and now working in Costa Rica.

So, some days later I received a message from Eric, and we wrote maybe 7 messages discussing his options and what cities would suit him best according to what he’d like to do. In the end, I offered to host him for the 3 days he would spent in Vienna.

He arrived Monday night, pretty late, as he used a rideshare offer. Georg had to study for University, and I was busy with work, so we did not have much time to spend with him. We gave him a map and our phone numbers so he could get around and contact us if he needed to.

We also went to the Pubquiz at Cafe Benno, though he kept saying his German was not good enough for it. Also, we went for Schnitzel (you kinda have to do that), and the last evening, when I was on my way to Tyrol, Georg took him to the weekly meeting. Eric had a flight leaving pretty early, so he spent the last night at the airport. Everything went well, he got up early enough and went back to the U.S.

It was great having him here – just as if an old friend came to visit 🙂