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Coming up: Poutine, Chowda, Smoked Meat and lots more.

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3 cats, about a dozen different types of beer, poutine, chowda, smoked meat, hot dogs, pastrami, tostones, Kaiserschmarrn and of course a red Ford Focus – that’s what came along during my 17 days in North America.

17 days, in which we spent about 1800 miles on the roads of 8 states in the US and Canada (New York, Maine, Massachussetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Quebec, Ontario and also a bit of Virginia, as far as I remember).

17 days, in which I severly annoyed my travel companion with remarks about his accent.

17 days, in which we stayed in 7 households, with 15 different people and all in all 3 cats.

17 days full of great impressions and lots of awesome memories: a pubcrawl, pubfood, great views of great cities, a CD release concert,  crossing the US border, the Falls …

Be prepared, it has begun …

All fine!

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We’re in Boston right now and will be on our to Montreal tomorrow. Just wanted to give my non-facebook friends and followers this short heads-up.

I’m being a good girl, too, and keep documenting what we’re doing with both pictures and daily emails I send to my Mom. Yes, I’m Mommy’s little girl, an proud of ot!

Especially for you …

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In order not to get you bored while I’m away, I have prepared some more posts about the long weekend I spent at my parents’ place before heading to the US. They will pop up every few days so you get something to read (and look at) and I won’t be stressed out to present up-to-date pictures and texts all the time.

I just hope this trip’s pictures don’t sustain the same fate as the ones from 2008 – I merely posted about a third of the trip, and did not get any pictures uploaded at all …

Happy following, and I’ll try and post the first US pics and recaps on 28th, right after arriving 😉

Preparing for the trip

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E-Ticket for the flight: check.
Confirmation of payment: check.
Visa confirmation: check.

Together with my driver’s license translation and my passport, earplugs and an inflatable pillow, this stuff is now hidden in plain sight in my room, so I won’t forget where I put it.

Next step: Check the wardrobe for everything that absolutely has to come along, so I won’t freeze to death (Montreal is having temperatures mostly below 0° Celsius at the moment). I’ll never say “I don’t have anything to wear” ever again. I have lots of stuff to wear, I just always wear the same stuff …

Then I’ll have to get the beer I want to bring to my hosts, and the chocolate Nicky “ordered”.

And I should not forget that just before taking off to New York, I’ll also spend some days in Tirol, so packing for going there should also be thought of.

12 days to go!