Preparing for the trip

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E-Ticket for the flight: check.
Confirmation of payment: check.
Visa confirmation: check.

Together with my driver’s license translation and my passport, earplugs and an inflatable pillow, this stuff is now hidden in plain sight in my room, so I won’t forget where I put it.

Next step: Check the wardrobe for everything that absolutely has to come along, so I won’t freeze to death (Montreal is having temperatures mostly below 0° Celsius at the moment). I’ll never say “I don’t have anything to wear” ever again. I have lots of stuff to wear, I just always wear the same stuff …

Then I’ll have to get the beer I want to bring to my hosts, and the chocolate Nicky “ordered”.

And I should not forget that just before taking off to New York, I’ll also spend some days in Tirol, so packing for going there should also be thought of.

12 days to go!