Coming up: Poutine, Chowda, Smoked Meat and lots more.

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3 cats, about a dozen different types of beer, poutine, chowda, smoked meat, hot dogs, pastrami, tostones, Kaiserschmarrn and of course a red Ford Focus – that’s what came along during my 17 days in North America.

17 days, in which we spent about 1800 miles on the roads of 8 states in the US and Canada (New York, Maine, Massachussetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Quebec, Ontario and also a bit of Virginia, as far as I remember).

17 days, in which I severly annoyed my travel companion with remarks about his accent.

17 days, in which we stayed in 7 households, with 15 different people and all in all 3 cats.

17 days full of great impressions and lots of awesome memories: a pubcrawl, pubfood, great views of great cities, a CD release concert,  crossing the US border, the Falls …

Be prepared, it has begun …

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