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Holidays, the end

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Sunday Morning … nothing special happened on Sunday, I’d say. We just packed our stuff, cleaned up, and then left.

Well, Fabian and Lisa left first, when Josef and Stefan went to bring some things back to Beate. The swiss couple was determined to hitchhike to Brunico the same day, and they managed to arrive there within 5 hrs – including traffic jams all the way to Innsbruck.

So while Lisa and Fabian were hitching along, Josef, Stefan, Georg and I went on our roadtrip back to Vienna. We were in no hurry, so we took several breaks to have coffee and food and to change the driver (Josef and Stefan took turns). We arrived in Vienna around 8 pm, and Georg and I were dropped off first. The rest of the evening was reading, watching TV and then going to bed pretty early.

I still had two days off, Monday and Tuesday, but had an appointment on Monday morning, so I had to be well rested. After my appointment, we did not quiet know what to do, so we decided to go to St. Pölten, the capital city of Lower Austria. By train, it’s 40 minutes from Vienna. And what did we do there? Geocaching, of course! We were not too successfull – once again, we tried doing a multi cache, but failed miserably.

The next day was better. We decided to go the opposite direction and ended up in Deutsch Wagram, a small town in the northeast of Vienna. There is pretty much nothing to see or do there (I see no point in living there, either), but there are some nices geocaches to find. Still, after 3 hours, we were done and took the next train back to the city.Tuesday evening was business as usual: Pub Quiz @ Café Benno on Alserstrasse/Bennogasse.

Holidays, Part 1

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Aaaaah … t’was great!

Unfortunately, my holidays are over already. One week is not enough, obviously.

The first days – Saturday through Monday – I spent home, alone. Georg arrived on Monday evening, after spending the weekend with his parents.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we tried to do something sporty – we did a short bike trip to Weißenbach am Lech (including some Geocaches) and a little hike on Hahnenkamm with my Mom.

On Thursday, we had to start thinking about the weekend – how many people would come, how much food would we need, how much beer should we buy?

We ended up with some meat, 12 liters of beer and some more food. For the first night, only 2 guests were expected, and they did arrive pretty much as planned: Stefan and Josef.

Of course, the weather was not perfect all the time, so the ground was wet. And as the guys did arrive a bit late, we arranged for a room in the house so they could sleep on dry ground (and matresses).

GeoCaching runs in the family …

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My brother and I are pretty alike. We like the same movies, books, and music.

Now after Georg had introduced me to GeoCaching, and we first visited my parents together, we of course checked if there were any Caches in the surrounding. And yes, there are. Not many, but there still is plenty to do on a nice day. Talking to my brother about this, he was very interested. And he only recently had bought a new phone with GPS chip, using an OS that supported a GeoCaching app. Some time later, when we next talked on the phone, he told me his phone (or the network in our surrounding) was not good enough for GeoCaching – so he had decided to buy a proper GPS device only for this purpose.

He’s now a rather active GeoCacher who already found nearly each Cache in the whole area. This February, he hid his first GeoCache. Until yesterday, I did not manage to go get and log it, as it is up on an Alp. But when I finally got there, it was a fast find =)

GeoCaching on the tracks of …

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There is some pretty creative minds out there, in Vienna. Some have nothing else to do than finding places all across the 1st district that remind them of books somehow. So yesterday, George and I started to solve a multi-staged Geocache in Vienna: “Fantastic Beasts”.

It is a pretty intense cache, as it consists of 15 stages. Still, they are all located pretty close to each other, and the spots to visit are great. We managed to visit half of the stages within 3 hours, because there was so much to look at – so far, the stage “Hidden Treasure” was our favourite.

I’ll keep you updated!