Helping first-year students

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After meeting lots of great people who dedicate part of their time to assisting students in studying – as in, suggesting interesting courses, helping with legal problems, and so on – I decided to finally join them this year.

In order to organise a “Tutorial for First-Year students” (EsTut in short), I was invited to a workshop where we would talk about our ideas, our fears, our aims for those EsTuts, and try to organise at least the first session. Also, we talked about and planned how to advertise our EsTuts.

And what should I say … that weekend was amazing.

I spent 4 days with people I knew a little from University, and some whom I had liked from the start, some who had been a bit weird in the beginning, but all pretty nice people. I got to know them better, and I liked what I saw. Our coaches didn’t put a lot of pressure on us, but still there was a lot of output. Both our coaches said they had rarely seen a group of people so confident and considerate. Everybody got to share their opinions on all kinds of topics, everybody got to share their knowledge, so everybody learned something new during that weekend. At the same time, no drama happened. No arguments or fights broke out. We had (sometimes passionate) discussions, but that was that.

I felt all fluffy inside after that weekend, and I still feel great now when I think about this weekend.

And, the best thing is: in a couple of weeks, I will help students from all over Austria, probably even from other countries, to get to know Vienna, the city I love.

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