Finally: I’m a ‘real’ student!

This entry has been published on September 19, 2013. Please bear in mind I have changed my views on some things since then. -- Dieser Eintrag wurde am September 19, 2013 veröffentlicht. Bitte denk beim Lesen daran, dass ich meine Ansichten zu einigen Dingen seither geändert habe.

After 4 semesters, I finally completed a course students at our University are supposed to complete within the first 2 semesters. The problem is not that it was sooo difficult – it’s that I’m sooo lazy 🙂

I feel like Pinocchio must have felt after he finally became a real child – I’m a real student now, and can attend whatever courses I like! Only my own laziness now stands in between me and the progress of my studies 🙂