The Big Hike – continued and extended

This entry has been published on January 30, 2013. Please bear in mind I have changed my views on some things since then. -- Dieser Eintrag wurde am January 30, 2013 veröffentlicht. Bitte denk beim Lesen daran, dass ich meine Ansichten zu einigen Dingen seither geändert habe.

After quitting [more info here] on the go last summer, it was clear of course that I would finish The Big Hike. Talking about this with my Mum around Christmas, she said she’d love to join me on a 2- or 3-day hike – so I decided to do more than only finish TBH this coming summer.

Here’s the plan: as part of preparations I will this summer hike the “Rundumadum” hike, a 120 km route around the circumfence of Vienna. This should be done within 4-5 days of real hiking (as in 7 hours of walking per day). I hope to start as early as April or May already, so I can do the 2-3 day hike with my Mum in Tirol in Summer.

And then, in September, I will finish the hike I had planned for last year. But instead of walking from Mariazell to Graz, I’ll go from Graz to Mariazell. As the pilgrimage’s destination is Mariazell, all the signs and other information are set up in that direction, too. It will be easier to follow the path that way 😉

Again, I’m planning on leaving behind my smartphone (on both hikes) and try to shut out facebook and other stuff for some time. It was really relaxing last year, so I’m kind of looking forward to it already 🙂  Also, I want to continue geocaching on the way. One cache per day would be nice, and I know that there are a lot to be found along the route.