The Berlin Craftsman

This entry has been published on November 3, 2011. Please bear in mind I have changed my views on some things since then. -- Dieser Eintrag wurde am November 3, 2011 veröffentlicht. Bitte denk beim Lesen daran, dass ich meine Ansichten zu einigen Dingen seither geändert habe.

The geocache owned by me (and my brother), situated at the “Industrial Area” of Pflach, is located right in front of the window to my mom’s office. My brother is working there, too, so I have people around to take care of this cache.

One day, the following log was posted to the cache:

First I did not really want to enter the private property, especially as there were two workers around. One of them, from Berlin judging by his accent, said “I won’t tell you where it’s hidden” – but I still found it. ‘Twas funny!

Logs like this are not rare for this cache, my mom seems to be have nice chats with cachers, too 🙂