A little CS break

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As always, after attending a CS invasion, I needed a break of Couchsurfing in the last weeks. Especially after the marathon we had completed during September and October, going to Salzburg, Augsburg and Graz, Georg and I were not at all motivated for hosting anybody for some weeks.

The end to that break came with Armi and Andre, who sent Georg a really nice request (also including my name, and some of our hobbies). The last years, they lived in Christchurch, New Zealand – does the name ring a bell? Christchurch has seen about a dozen earth quakes since February, at least one per month. I don’t know if that was the only reason for them, but in the end, Armi and Andre decided to leave New Zealand for good and try their luck in Europe. They will be looking for jobs and a place to stay in Berlin pretty soon, so if anybody of you knows something, let me know 🙂