Owner’s duties

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If you’re the “owner” of a geocache, it means you have to take care of it. That’s the reason why usually if you want to publish a geocache far away from your set home location you will receive a message saying “Thanks for the idea, but we prefer non-holiday caches”.

Taking care means to check regularly, or at least after receiving several “Did not find”-logs, if your cache is still situated where it should be, if nothing is broken, if nothing unappropriate was put into the container, or if the logbook is full. Usually things like this will be reported in logs, anyways. Still it is good to check by yourself 😉

Of course, in case the container gets “muggled” (thrown away by non-cachers) or is too destroyed to be simply fixed, you’ll have to replace it. This already happened to several of my caches. Fortunately, my brother is always in the area, so the caches can stay online and active even when I’m not around (as most of the time).

Once this summer, when I was back home, I had a look at one of my caches, situated in the “Industrial Area” of Pflach. It’s a pretty busy cache, so the logbook was full within less then a year. That’s a long time for other areas, but for Reutte, it’s still good 😉

And here are the scans of the logbook:

There are also two funny stories about this cache: The Berlin Craftsman and The Confused Geocachers.