Very nice.

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I just handed in my application forms for the Selbsterhalterstipendium (the grant I hope to receive as I have worked full-time during the last 4.5 years). The people at the agency are very nice and helped me complete the forms where I was not sure what to fill in. Also, I can ask to receive a subvention for the public transport annual ticket, they just need a copy of it. As I forgot to mentio that when I was there, I called to ask if they needed to see the original, but the lady on the phone said that a copy of the ticket with my name on it was enough. And as my parents are living in Tirol, I might even receive a subvention for visiting them – called “Heimfahrtkostenzuschuss”.

Austria’s just great ­čÖé

So let’s wait and see. Should not take too long, according to the clerk who took the forms over from me.