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It took me some time to pronounce this right, and also to remember the name of it. A nicer, shorter and better-to-understand name for it is “Prolog”.

This is what will occoupy me throughout the first week at University. It is kind of mandatory for all students who start studying information technology at UT Vienna, so I will have to go, too.

Most of the programme sounds interesting or at least good-to-know, like explaining the level of mathematics they want to work with or build on; also, first steps of programming and the introduction to algorithms sound interesting. The only question is: at what level will they start – in programming, but especially in maths? Programming we ought to start at the beginning, as many people did not attend special technical schools before. But for maths, there should be “Maturaniveau” – but I never took A-levels in maths.

I am getting nervous.