SOS – Sounds of Salzburg

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Vienna Calling did not only mean having a good time to many Couchsurfers all over Austria. It also inspired them to creating and organising their own, usually slightly smaller, international Couchsurfing meetings.

One of them is SOS (Sounds of Salzburg). First edition took place last year in September. Georg and I did not have much time to spend there, because we already had accepted an invitation for a housewarming party in Innsbruck. Still, we spend one evening with the group, went for dinner and afterwards for some drinks with them. We did not couchsurf, but stayed at a friend’s place in the surroundings of the city.

SOS will happen again this weekend, so September 2nd – 4th. Our plan, as we did not succeed in finding a host by writing requests, was to just go there and wear a sign saying “I need a couch”. And then, all of a sudden, I received a message of a girl from Salzburg saying she’d like to host people during the weekend, and if I would like to stay at her place. She already asked another couchsurfer if she still needed a couch, so together with Georg we will be 4 people, and it might be a bit cosy, but who cares! It’s a CS event – sleeping is overestimated!