Short visit

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My brother came to visit a friend in Vienna on Saturday and Sunday. As his friend had lame plans for Saturday (shopping and going to a museum – with the great weather we had!), he agreed on going to Lainzer Tiergarten with me and some couchsurfers.

The plan – which I had not told him fully – was to hike through half of the park, and then have lunch at Hirschgstemm restaurant. This would have taken about 5 hours, but Chris did not want to hike for that long, so we decided to cut it short and took a left back to the entrance where the others took a right. This way, we only walked for about 2.5 hours, but still had the chance to go for 2 geocaches I already knew.

Back at Georg’s place, who did not join because he had hurt his foot the night before, we changed and then went for lunch all together. Afterwards, Georg went home again and we continued to search for some geocaches. As I already found pretty every traditional geocache around Mariahilfer Strasse, we did not have much need of Chris’ new GPS.

Within another 2 hours, we had followed Mariahilfer Strasse until MQ, went on to Heldenplatz, from there to Rathaus and, following the Ring southwards, back to Museumsquartier. Besides of showing him all the geocaches I know in that area, I also had the chance of giving Chris a short sight seeing tour which he very much liked (at least he told me so). For Saturday evening he already had plans with his friends, so we parted in late afternoon.

Hopefully he will have lots of time to visit again during Winter, so we can do some more walks like this and also visit some museums together 🙂