Propädeutikum Recap

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In the last days, we had 2 units Maths, 2 units Algorithm Introduction, 2 units General Introductions and 2 units of Introduction into Programming. Each has a “?” in its title, to show that the units should prepare us to what is coming forth during the next weeks and months. Whew.

Yesterday, I not only bought the script for the Maths units (again, the whole thing is NOT compulsory!), but also had a look into the exercises given. As the Propädeutikum was shortened by 50 % from last year to now, the script contains more information than the actual lectures. And that’s good. Because if the script contained only what the professor told us so far and will tell us during the next days, there would be a lot I would have to search for in my Maths stuff from school. And those documents are well hidden in some dark corner of my cellar back home in Tirol, if they still exist.

I will have to repeat Maths. A lot.

That’s one thing I learned during those days. Another thing: professors are at least as geeky and nerdy as their students. During these introductionary lessons, there’s been a lot of jokes on viral videos (double rainbow!), BBT, Futurama and the even The Hitchhiker’s Guide.

I like these people.