Sturm Graz

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Sturm Graz is a CS meeting to find new friends; to get to know the city of Graz; to find out about culinary specials in the surroundings; and of course to have a great time!

Well, okay, it sounds like your typical CS meeting. But CS is all about cultural exchange and making friendships all over the world, so why not in Graz?

Sturm Graz, as Sounds of Salzburg, was inspired by Vienna Calling. In October 2010, Kersy, Thomas and Tom and some 100 couchsurfers met up to have pub crawls, pick nicks, city tours and a great night out at a Buschenschank in the outskirts of the city.

The program for Sturm Graz 2011 has been announced only in early September, and it looks great. Unfortunately, I will have to make some decisions, like: do I prefer chocolate over a guided tour through Graz’s underground? Will I do a City Rallye, or a City Walk? And – most of all – what the hell should be my late-birthday-and-thanks-for-hosting-us-present for Kerstin?

I am dearly looking forward to this ­čÖé