Do you speak …

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I already talked about Couchsurfing besides surfing couches here.

But hey, there’s more!

For example, with lots of expats and linguistically highly motivated people around, the Vienna Language Exchange is a pretty active bunch of people. The most active sub-group is the German Conversation Group. They meet every week to improve their levels of speaking German, and everybody is welcome: beginners, intermediates, experts and (of course!) native speakers.

Nearly the same applies to the French Conversation Meeting. It only started (again) two weeks ago, and the group is pretty small still, but we are happy about everybody joining the meetings. To me, it is big fun to see how fast speaking a language improves your speaking skills. Last week, I had a really tough time speaking about me leaving work and starting to study, and this week, talking about Geocaching, it was way easier already.

If you need further information, have a look at the Vienna CS Group once in a while. Events will be announced there some days in advance.