Vienna Calling Retrospect: Day 3

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Thursday. The first day with BBQs, games and lying in the sun at Danube Island. As every year, there was a BBQ place reserved for us. Usually there are only up to 50 people allowed at one BBQ place – we reached this number within 3 hours after opening the Base 🙂

As Georg was an organizer he had to be at the Base (=BBQ) around 11 already. The rest of us followed and arrived at 12something. The weather was not too nice in the beginning – clouded over and pretty windy. I was working for some hours, first selling the wristbands that allow the VC attendees to get to the parties without extra cost, later selling beer to the thirsty.

The night before, I had met Shawn, a couchsurfer from San Diego. He’s currently traveling the world – for almost 2 years already. He did not manage to find a couch in Vienna, so at the party he was till looking for a host. We had a short chat, and I agreed on hosting him for the rest of the event. Somehow he managed to be at the base way too early, so nobody was there. After returning back to the city center, he called me – when I was already on my way to Danube Island 🙂 He’s of the chaotic kind, but a really nice guy!

Around 6 pm, I, Georg, Carlos and Shawn left homewards. Nearly everybody at the BBQ wanted to go to the Philharmonics Concert at Schlosspark Schönbrunn later, and we wanted to drop off our stuff before. Georg and I had plans to meet friends, relaxing with some music at the upper parts of the park, nearby Gloriette. The acoustics there are pretty bad, but the view is amazing. During the concert, Carlos and Shawn discovered other CSers not far from our spot and joined them. They would come home later, calling us so we could let them in. Mitie had left from the BBQ to the concert directly with other CSers, but her cell ran out of credit. She asked another CSer for his cell in order to call us to check where and when to meet. Of course, as Schönbrunn is a huge place and there were tons of people, we didn’t manage to find her. Georg and I were already concerned, but then I received a text from Carlos: “We found Mitie. Where shall we meet?” Hell, was I happy.

We met at the subway stop where we had to change to the bus, went home, talked, and went to bed.

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  1. funny story with loosing Mittie )) I am sad to have missed VC. But I was home after 6 month in another country – also a mind – fixing experience )

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