Vienna Calling Retrospect: Day 1

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I was really looking forward to Vienna Calling. And I was RIGHT!

It was great. Lots of hanging around with friends, enjoying sun, being caught by rain, having drinks and dinner. But let’s start at the beginning.

Mitie arrived first. It was Tuesday around noon, and Georg and I met for lunch at my place to receive our first guest. She had nearly no problems in finding the spot – whew! After some food, we talked a bit about Vienna, about Vienna Calling, and what she could do during the afternoon, as we were both busy. She decided to go to Belvedere to see the Klimt collection.

Carlos arrived in the evening, coming by bus. We cooked Wiener Schnitzel with Potatoe Salad and Rice, had a nice dinner, and afterwards went for some ice cream in the surrounding. For the next day, Georg offered to take the two for a city walk.

Day 1 – a relaxed, nice way to start the craziness of Vienna Calling.