Couchsurfing aside from Couchsurfing

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Sounds crazy. But it’s great!

Couchsurfing doesn’t stop when you found a host, arrived there and slept on the couch/mattress/whatever.

It goes further. Even further than going out to restaurants/bars/pubs with your host.

Couchsurfing even gives locals the chance to find others sharing their ideas, interests and hobbies. One great example is the Vienna Taekwondo Group. You might encounter problems when trying to read this article. The CS tech team is working on it. However, this is an alternative link, the article is on page 5.

Another nice group is the Vienna Kickball Team. I went to one of the games yesterday, and we spent 4 hours (!) playing kickball. It was amazing! So much fun! And the weather was just perfect 🙂

So, whenever you come to a city, be it traveling or moving there, also if you don’t need a couch – check the local Couchsurfing community. It might have something to offer to you.