From a new job to a new part of life

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So, let’s have a short recap of the First year-and-a-bit in Vienna:

After losing my job in Innsbruck, a friend told me she was looking for somebody and this somebody could very likely be me. So I left Innsbruck, went to Vienna, found a nice flat after 2 weeks, and pretty much enjoyed my new life in the “big city”. The job was interesting, the girls were funny – but it was not perfect. The job was stressful, the girls often acted like – well, girls. After 1.5 years, I got lucky with one of my few job applications. 2 weeks after sending a mail referring to an interesting job ad, I signed the contract.

And after another 1.5 years, I quit this job, too. But let’s start at the beginning!

The new job was fascinating. I could do some assistant’s jobs (arranging meetings, answering the phone), some accounting stuff (writing invoices, reminders, offers) and even a bit technical stuff (teeny-weeny programming). And I was one of the people to keep in contact with our clients, to check the applications (web mainly, but also smartphones) they bought from us, telling them how to use our Content Mangament Systems. It is really funny – but also annoying – to work with people who don’t understand technology the way you yourself do.

During the last months at the old job, I had gotten into Couchsurfing more and more. One of the effects was that I became part of the Vienna Calling Organisation Group. Also, I started attending meetings regularly: the monthly Stammtisch, of course, and the weekly German Conversation Group. I met some great people there – unfortunately, Couchsurfers are a pretty mobile species, so some of them have moved out of Vienna in the meantime.

Then, some weeks before I started at the Software Company (let’s stick to this name), I met Georg. Well, we know the ending of this: He’s my boyfriend. We spent some interesting evenings – talking, mainly. And one night, we were walking a lot. We went to the cinema together, then for one beer to the next pub. When it closed for the night, we went to another pub. When it closed down, we went to another. And when that one closed down – after 3 in the morning, that was – we tried to find another pub, but didn’t. Finally, I realizsed there actually IS a bar opened from 4 in the morning to 3 in the morning, so we went there, had another drink, and parted at 6 in the morning. Hell, I was tired, and he was, too, of course. We had a great summer (staying mostly at his shared flat), and went on our first holiday together in September (after 3 months of “being a couple”). In October, we attended a meeting in Graz – for the 3rd time or something – where we visited the laboratories of “Mostly Harmless”, the UT’s robocup team. At that point, it became pretty obvious for me that I had to start some kind of studies, preferably technical.

Still, it took some more time, thinking, considering, researching possibilities. And finally I made my decision: I would start to study “Medizinische Informatik” (medical engineering, one could say) at the UT of Vienna!

On July 18, 2011, after 14 great months at the Software Company, I quit. It was the day I enlisted for University, two days after my 25th birthday.

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