Reconnecting …

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No posts from me in more than 5 months. This can mean only one thing: I’ve started playing the Discworld MUD again. Intensively.

Apart from attaining achievements, advancing lots of skills, meeting old friends and making new friends, I still had a life offline to tend to, with lots of studying to do, old friends to meet, new friends to make and, in general, stuff to do.

Again, a resolution for the future: I want to keep writing. It’s a great way of keeping track of things. Thinking about what happened in the last months, I realize how much I probably forgot just because I didn’t write it down immediately. But hey, fortunately I have my calender! It tells me that I …

  • attended my brother’s wedding
  • created a wedding book for him (well, it’s not quiet finished yet)
  • went skiing with Mum
  • attended Yoga classes on a weekly basis for some time
  • met some awesome women at #FemCamp13 and #FemCampLinz
  • tried for some weeks to find a job for the holidays, and succeeded at a hostel in the end
  • had some really awesome couchsurfers – Joji from India, Silvia from Graz, Artu from Serbia, Friso from the Netherlands, Lidia from Spain
  • went to a medieval market with one of the women I met at #FemCamp13
  • went to Berlin with the BF for a weekend
  • had an old friend and her boyfriend visit from Barcelona
  • had my parents visit for my birthday
  • got the coolest birthday present ever: miniature anatomy model!
  • started working at a hostel
  • quit work at the hostel because it’s far too chaotic IMO
  • found a new job (which will hopefully be awesome)

Also, I read the Hunger Games trilogy, started using Twitter, and finished most of the courses that I planned to do in the first attempt. I failed 2 exams, but will re-take them in Autumn. A 3rd lecture I had postponed to Autumn right from the start.

And yeah … there’s nothing about upcycling in that list. Because I didn’t do any more 🙁