Monday is cooking day!

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Every Monday, about 1 pm, there’s a knock on our door, and when we open it, a nice delivery guy hands us a box full of fresh, ecologically grown, regional, seasonal vegetables. Isn’t this awesome?

It’s called “Adamah Biokistl”, and the one we’re having every week costs about 15 Euros each time. There’s always great stuff in it, like yummy carrots, beetroots, pumpkins and so on. And: there is always a little newsletter in it, and on its back, there are a couple of recipes. At least one of them always matches what we get. It’s great!

So this week, we got a nice hokkaido pumpkin, and with some corn, leek, carrots and parsnips, we managed to make a yummy lasagna 🙂  and a bit later, to make sure we don’t have to throw away all of those nice pears we keep receiving in the box, I made some apple-pear-purree.

Finally, there is a reason to look forward to Mondays!