I’m famous!!

This entry has been published on May 28, 2012. Please bear in mind I have changed my views on some things since then. -- Dieser Eintrag wurde am May 28, 2012 veröffentlicht. Bitte denk beim Lesen daran, dass ich meine Ansichten zu einigen Dingen seither geändert habe.

Some weeks ago, the first cat-café outside of Japan has been opened in Vienna: Café Neko has great iced coffee, nice snacks – and is a home to 5 lovely cats.

The fact that this business idea is so special even led to a short visit of the BBC which in turn led to this little video:

BBC report on Café Neko

And in the last 3 seconds, it not only features Luca, a cute Maincoon cat, but also me.

I’m famous!