Philly: 6 students and a cat

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Something Josef and I could agree on is that our travel itinerary was not perfect. Still, our timing for Philadelphia was, because this way, Marisha was able to host us. Well, Marisha wasn’t even there for the whole time, but her flatmates were. And they took care of us the second she had left.

On our way from Washington to Philadelphia, we made a 2-hour stop in Baltimore and visited the last resting place of Edgar Allan Poe and his beloved, and also the harbour area.

Marisha’s home is not far from Campus, and it is a whole house rented out to 6 students – and a kitten. All of the humans – except one – are students, and all of them are studying something that has to do with music. There is a music therapist, an opera singer, and a lot of musicians. The one who has already finished University is Scott, who did study something that has to do with film – and now he works with a children’s TV station in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia somehow managed to conserve a rather big area of old town, with a lot of parks and well restored buildings. Also, around Independence National Historical Park, there are a lot of signs explaining the history and use of buildings. INHP consists of different museums sheltering Liberty Bell, a copy of the Declaration of Independence, a desk once owned by Ben Franklin and so on. Not far from Independence Hall, one can visit Ben Franklin’s grave, and also a part-restoration of the former President’s Residence.