Interlude: the Falls and Pittsburgh

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So after not much more than 36 hours, we sai “Good-Bye to Stefanie and got back on the road. Just before she had helped us to find a couch for Pittsburgh: there is this girl, Laurie, who will be staying with Stefanie in some weeks’ time. She seemed to be a nice girl, so Stefanie asked if she could host us. When she said Yes, Josef sent her a message with our profiles to fix the deal. And it worked out, as you will soon see!

But first things first. As the Niagara Falls are on the way to Pittsburgh, we of course stopped by there. We were being very touristy – walking along the falls, taking dozens of pictures. We even met some people giving Free Hugs, who were pretty surprised by our reaction to them 🙂

As it was Family’s Day in Ontario (a holiday recently invented as there are no other holidays in between Christmas and Easter), and President’s Day in the U.S., there were some hundred people lining the railings along the Falls. After some food and coffee, we got back to our car and crossed the border right at the Falls. The customs guy asked us a lot of questions, but was rather nice (though I don’t understand why it should be a problem of us entering the US at a different location than leaving them).

Several hours and potty breaks later, we arrived in Pittsburgh. We still had to wait about an hour for Laurie, as she had a late class that evening. This hour we spent with walking around the Campus and her neighborhood.

Sightseeing in Pittsburgh was limited to a rather short walk through the inner city and old parts. After more than a week of sightseeing, I was pretty done for already and was looking forward to not having to see anything 😉  Also, we still had a rather long drive to Washington DC before us, and we had received a nice tip from another Couchsurfer who had nearly hosted us instead of Laurie.