Recap: Skiing at Stuhleck

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So last Sunday, January 8th, Georg and me went skiing. Kira, a CS friend of ours, had posted on the Vienna Group that she wanted to go, and we immediately decided to join her. At the weekly meeting on Thursday before, one of the tenants of Flying Pig said he’d also come with us.

On Sunday morning though, I received a text from Kira that she wasn’t feeling well and would stay at home. Paul did not show up at the meeting point either, and also did not call, so this left Georg and me alone.

But this gave us the possibilty to last-minute change our plans upon arriving at Semmering train station. First we had planned to go to Zauberberg, which is actually at Semmering itself, but as a free shuttle bus to Stuhleck skiing area was waiting at the train station, and the bus driver and the skiers already aboard the bus were so nice and convincing, we decided to go to Stuhleck.

The weather wasn’t too nice in the beginning: it was snowing und heavily clouded until noon. As snow kept falling, heaps and heaps of it made a mogul pistes out of every slope. It was quiet fun, but very exhausting, especially as there were lot of people on the pistes.

After our lunch break, the clouds parted, and especially the lower parts of the area became more and more sunny. We did our last descent around 3.20 pm, having skied for about 4 hours. Unfortunately, it was way too cold to stop and take pictures from the slopes, so here are two pictures I took while being indoors: