It’s planned!

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Yes, I know, I’ve been lazy again in December. So let’s try to catch up a bit, right?

In August I booked a flight from Vienna to New York and back again for less than 400 Euros, and got two guys, Josef and Christian, to join me.

Unfortunately, Christian won’t be able to join us any more, as there’s been some changes in the company he’s working with, and he should definitely stay in Vienna during February.

So yesterday, Josef and I got together and started planning the trip. He came up with the idea of going to Montreal (“There’s someone who’d LOVE to host us!”), and I said “Well, when we’re already in Canada, why not continue to Toronto and go see the Niagara Falls, too?”, and he said “But what should we do in between there and Washington? … Oh, wait, Cleveland’s just around the corner.” and I said “Oh, and Pittsburgh, right there, it’s on the way too!” … so this is our current schedule:

According to google maps, it should be about 34 hours of driving. The longest part would be from Montreal to Toronto, taking about 6.5 hrs. Our day-to-day schedule is not 100 % fixed yet and we’re not sure about some stops yet (e.g. if we’ll stay overnight in Cleveland and/or Pittsburg at all), but that’s about it.

I’ll be on my couch now, checking my brand new rough guide to the USA 🙂