The Confused Geocachers

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Again, a short story about the Cache at the “Industrial Area” where my mum and brother work. It’s not one single story, but something that happens time and time again and can also be seen in the cache logs on

The cache is hidden on the private property of the company my brother and mum are working at. Usually, caches are hidden in public locations, so no trespassing issues can occur. But as the best hiding place in my opinion was right where the cache is hidden, I had to hide it on the private property. And as requested in the rules for hiding geocaches, I do point out in the description that the property can and must be entered.

Still, my mum keeps telling me that people stop in front of the fence, look at their devices and then look up, startled and confused. They search the fence for some minutes, and then some give up, and some overcome their inhibitions and go to the other side of the fence. That’s the ones who will be successful, of course 😉

A recommendation for newbie-cachers: If you don’t bring the full description, you should at least print a list of the caches you want to do, including hints and parts of the description, like “private property can and must be entered”.