Great Hideouts

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In the short time since I started geocaching, I’ve already seen some awesome hiding places and ways of disguising cache containers. Unfortunately, I’ve rarely taken pictures, so you will have to to read my descriptions and try to picture the spots and camouflages yourself 😉

Category: “Why should I hide it?”
There are two geocaches of this category I especially like.
One is called “I love you”, and can be found at the Danube channel. There is no container, but a big graffiti of a
parchment scroll on one of the designated graffiti-walls. Your task: get your name and today’s date onto that scroll.

The other is a cache for premium members only, so no name and no place information … it’s in the Inner City at a bus stop, and also not hidden at all. There’s just this box that looks a bit like a control box, and the log book and trading items are in there. Have fun getting that box from it’s place, because every second about 20 muggels will see you.

Category: “Why should anybody find it without searching for an hour?”
This is great stuff. For example, go to some small street in the old parts of Stockholm, where GPS reception is basically zero, go to a certain house and look for a nano cache (about the size of your pinky’s nail). The hint is: “hinge”. Or, search for a cache of unknown size at dam. The hint: steel beam. There are 7 of them, each about 10 meters long, and reception is bad as hell. In the end, the container turns out to be the casing of a pen, hidden in a hose you had in your hands for 3 times at least.

I think will post some more of these … but at the moment I’m really busy with University. Sorry for that.