SOS Day 1 – Recap

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So in the end we did not have to go to Salzburg without a couch fixed. As said before, I received a message asking if I still had need of a place to stay, and if I would stay with Bettina. I did like to, and as she even had enough room to host the two of us, we were very relaxed on our way to Salzburg.

Arriving there, we got in contact with Bettina, to drop off our stuff before heading to the first event: dinner at Paul Stubm. We were a bit late for the dinner itself, but just in time for a beer (or three) after. As always, we met some already familiar faces there, some from last year’s SOS, some from this year’s Vienna Calling. And, of course, there were some new people around, like Iris from Bavaria and her boyfriend Manuel from Hamburg, with whom we had a great time and some really funny talks, e.g. “How can I calculate how often a group of >n< people will have to clink their glasses until everybody clinked everybody’s glass once?”. All of us had learned that once, but forgotten, so we still had parts of the formula in our heads and “only” had to recover it.

This happened in the last pub we went to, and only at 1 in the morning. Shortly after, Bettina, Georg and I decided to go home and catch some sleep in order to survive the next day’s programme: furniture shopping for Bettina, and sight seeing and tobogganing for Georg and me.