A Song of Ice and Fire

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Some weeks ago, I guess it was around the end of June, a friend of mine told me about this awesome HBO series he had discovered. It was called “A Game of Thrones”, and being totally new, was yet not broadcasted in the european area.

What should I say. I started watching the series, 11 episodes of 50-55 minutes each, and I finished within about one week. It’s a great series, with a wonderful cast, amazing landscapes and sets, and the storylines are really good. After finishing the 11 episodes, I checked the wikipedia article to see when the next season was planned to air.


How should I make it without knowing how the story goes on, until 2012? That’s one year!

But then I discovered this little sentence: “Based upon the novel >A Game of Thrones< by George R. R. Martin." Two days later, I had found and ordered the whole box, including three more books of the series, on Amazon. Another 3 days later, one day before my birthday, the box arrived.

What should I say. I started on July 15th, and by today, I am on page 193 of book four, "A Feast for Crows". Fortunately, book five, "A Dance with Dragons", has been published as a hardback shortly after I bought the box, so the paperback will come soon, too. Still, Martin has showed that he sometimes needs a bit longer to write his books than he plans to. Book 4 and 5 each took about 4 years to be published.

At least, in 2012 the next season, based upon "A Clash of Kings", will air.

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  1. you should play discworld more often, books and series were discussed there month ago and the books are on our shelf ever since :p

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