You’re spontaneous? Join us!

This entry has been published on July 13, 2011. Please bear in mind I have changed my views on some things since then. -- Dieser Eintrag wurde am July 13, 2011 veröffentlicht. Bitte denk beim Lesen daran, dass ich meine Ansichten zu einigen Dingen seither geändert habe.

Today, I’ll be doing “my thing” again. My thing in Couchsurfing Vienna is walking around with Couchsurfers. From time to time I would point out something along the way and say something about that thing. It’s not a guided tour, it’s just a walk.

Usually, these walks take place at Zentralfriedhof in Wien Simmering. If so far you never considered Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery) to be a sight worth 2 hours time, try my walk. I have done this about a dozen times by now, and had a lot of people coming with me. All the feedback I received so far was somehow connected to the words amazing, awesome, so cool, fascinating, incredible or similar.

The next date is TODAY, 13th of July. I won’t publish the exact time and meeting place here, simply to avoid masses of people showing up.

If you’d like to join, send me a mail to sburtscher[at]gmx[dot]at, and I’ll send you the directions. I’ll be checking my mails until 5 pm.