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Just a week ago I asked my boss – who at the time did not know yet I would leave the company to go to university – if I could have a new PC. The one I’m using right now is pretty old already and still runs on XP. Using Google Earth plus 2 or 3 other programs at the same time usually causes problems like the computer not responding any more.

Some days ago, the new computer finally arrived, and it is already set up. I installed about all the programs I use frequently (Chrome, Firefox, IE, a PLIST editor, the Office package, Skype, …) and at the moment I’m clearing the old PC’s hard drive to see what I (or better: my successor) will need in the future.

It’s amazing how much stuff is collected during little more than one year 🙂

Also, I’m currently writing a handover for my successor. In it I try to describe our products, and what is my part in creating and maintaining them. There is explanations of the different Content Managing Systems we use, our databases, our servers … Pretty much everything that one can pretty well use during the first week on a new job. The last time I did this for the job I quit for this one, and the handover was about 40 pages long. This handover at the moment has 20 pages, lots of them containing login-information, and the paths to files and folders my successor might be using sometimes. And still, it is only the beginning.