Vienna Calling Retrospect: Day 6

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For the last day, Sunday, there was no BBQ planned. A group of around 20 CouchSurfers met at Rosa Lila Villa to have brunch, and there was a meeting at MuseumsQuartier set for the early afternoon. It should be a lazy Sunday, as in the years before.

Kira and Carlos had to leave around noon already, Mitie was moving to another host, and Shawn would leave Monday morning. Except for Shawn, everybody was packing and gathering stuff, and Georg and I just did not want to get up too early, so we all skipped the brunch. In addition, the brunch buffet at Rosa Lila Villa is amazing, and therefor I prefer not to go there when I’m hung over or don’t feel like eating much.

After arriving at MuseumsQuartier, we prepared some “Free Hugs”-signs and then left, a little late, for the Inner City. One hour and something of hugging strangers was enough for me this time, so I picked up some food for Georg, who had stayed with the Non-Huggers, and returned to MQ. Nothing of great importance happened there later, only some funny group pictures and nice conversations. Before going to the final party at Fledermaus, some people gathered to have dinner at Café Kauz, which is not too far from MQ. It was a good finish to Vienna Calling 2011 🙂