Chapter 1: The Agency.

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The event agency’s main project was a cycle of lectures on medical topics for ordinary persons. The lectures were held by doctors, came with a powerpoint presentation and a handout and had to be in simple language in order to be understood by everybody.

My job was to keep the website updated: inserting all the programs (twice a year), uploading CVs & pictures of the lecturers (as soon as we’d get them) and their handouts (after the presentations). I also wrote and sent the email-newsletters informing our attendees about the next lecture in their surrounding and other events they might be interested in.

Apart from the already a bit geeky part, I also had to attend those events from time to time. As they did not only take place in Vienna, but also the surroundings (over 12 locations all over Austria),  I sometimes had to leave the office in the afternoon, going somewhere in Lower Austria by car, and returning late in the night. Other employers would have told their people to take the next day off or at least start a bit later – but not our agency.

In our office, we were only girls. This might sound fun, but it wasn’t very much. I always had problems getting along with “girly” girls – and in this office, there was 2 of them. And I had to share my office with them. At some point they started talking about everything. Shopping, make-up, clothes – this was for beginners. Dessous, sex-toys, strange non-verbal noises during sex – was their most loved topic. It was annoying, but I could even suppress hearing their talks most of the time. Until the question would come up: “Sabrina, how about you?”. No answer was right. Neither nothing, nor honesty, nor lies. Either they would be offended of me not answering, or they would not believe me.

I’m so damn happy I don’t work there anymore.

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