From Somewhere to Vienna

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I was born and raised in a small town (not even 6,000 inhabitants) in Tirol. After passing the A-levels I did not find a job immediately, but did not want to start any studies that would take 3 or more years – so I decided to attend the College for Tourism and Leisure Industries in Innsbruck. There, I learned about food, wine, hotel industrie, gastronomy, marketing and so on. I also learned some stuff for life – thanks to some amazing teachers. And I got to know Anna, who still is a very good friend of mine, though it can be hard having me as a friend, as I tend to not giving any signs of life for some time.

After that, I started working with the Information Office of an important skiing resort in Tirol, which contains of 3 small villages: Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. I spent nearly one year there. When I asked them if I could take some weeks off (3 weeks, to be exact) in May, when there wouldn’t be any tourist around, as I had found a really cheap flight to the U.S. and back (around € 400, actually), they said “No”. My response was not much more: “I quit”.

The next weeks were funny, as the other girl working in the Tourist Office had also quit the job. Start of May, me and my friends left for the USA. We spent 18 great days there, and for the time after I had already found a new job: I’d be a receptionist at a 5* hotel in Seefeld, Tirol. While I started working there, Austria and Switzerland were hosting the European Soccer Championship – and the hotel was hosting the Czech Republic’s soccer team. Still, the bookings were not good – they were pretty bad even. And I did not enjoy the job as much as I thought I would. On the last day of my probation time, I had a talk to my superior, and the chapter was closed.

I spent July searching for a new job. I was not too busy with it, as I enjoyed having some time off. In the end, I received the confirmation that I could start as a receptionist in another 5* hotel, this time in Tannheimer Tal, Tirol. Only 2 weeks before I should start there, I got a call from a 4* hotel in Innsbruck, if I was still looking for a job. And off I went, quitting a job before starting it, only not to end up in the middle of nowhere again.

I worked with the hotel in Innsbruck for about 2 months when it ended. Their reason was that I did not fit in with the other team members. I was okay with it, I had finally realised that the reception was not as interesting and funny as Tourist Offices were, although the job is pretty much the same.

The day after I had had “the talk” with my superior, I received a call from Vienna. A friend of mine was on the phone. She had offered me a job in Vienna before, and this time she said “This is the last time. If you don’t come now, I’ll never call again. But this is a chance you have to take. I know you’ll like it.”

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